adriana + dave | feature film | san francisco

We’re not sure if our couples realise, but they give us much more than we give them.

They let us into their lives, share their laughter, their love, their story. It’s an immense privilege for us to do what we do, to experience all that we do. To feel, all that we do.

Adriana + Dave are incredible people. So open and warm, so full of love and life.

When we met them, there was an immediate connection, a sense of ease.

Their love of life and each other was palpable and infectious, and it made hanging out with them even more memorable. We struggle to articulate it with words, but you could just feel it. The energy. It was electric. It was inspiring.

There were many highlights of course, Adriana + Dave’s incredible families, the amazing first look atop the Fairmont Hotel, the beautiful reception at Legion of Honour. The cherry on top for us though? Stopping for Ice Cream at Sweeney’s and snapping a selfie. Adri even sent us a print of the moment which now proudly hangs above our desks.

After sharing lunch with them one day, they showed us around their new apartment and we chatted to them about their story, about themselves, about each other. We chose to use this conversation as the foundation for their film.

From there, we told the story of them and their day, as we saw it. We hope you like it.

If you make it to 4:15, you’ll be rewarded with something pretty special ;)

‘There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.’ – William Butler Yeats

Cinematography: Humdrum Films
Photography: Samm Blake
Preparations and First Look: Fairmont San Francisco
Venue: Legion of Honor

Music Licensing: Music Bed

sunny + adam | feature film | erskine falls

We weren’t prepared for Sunny + Adam’s elopement. Not at all.

Sure, we knew where it was happening. We knew who was involved and what time it was taking place.

But we weren’t prepared for them. We weren’t prepared for their story.

It was epic, and it floored us.

When Sunny first emailed us, she was worried there wouldn’t be enough happening on their wedding day for us to be able to make a good film.

This seemed like a strange notion to us. The way we see things, everyone has a remarkable story to tell, and our challenge as filmmakers is to seek out that story and tell it as best we can.

And that’s the best thing about what we do – about the stories we get to tell. It sounds like a cliché, but every couple is different, each wedding is unique, each story is original.

It’s as fresh and exciting for us as it is for our couples. And that’s our secret sauce.

After we met them both for breakfast, Sunny + Adam choose to get ready together in a home they rented in Lorne, Victoria. Sunny was able to make sure Adam’s bow tie was straight, and it was an opportunity for us to capture some candid moments of them together.

And how could we forget Tara the Chihuahua. It’s not often you meet a dog with painted nails…

The stunning Erskine Falls was chosen as the backdrop for their intimate elopement. And what a beautiful site it was. It’s difficult to articulate with words just how special the moment was.

The awesome Lindsay Carroll officiated the ceremony and our photographer mates Fred + Hannah acted as the official witnesses.

After they were wed, we all celebrated together with champagne and cheese, before heading off for some portraits.

Feeling the effects of a long day, we all shared a meal together at the Lorne pub, reflecting on the day’s events. It was here we suggested we record the moment when they called their families to let them know they were now husband and wife. It was so, so awesome to be able to capture that.

The whole day was an intensely personal affair for Sunny + Adam, and we’re incredibly humbled that they asked us to be a part of it. We hope we did their story justice.

Cinematography: Humdrum Films
Photography: Fred + Hannah
Celebrant: Lindsay Carroll
Ceremony Location: Erskine Falls

Music Licensing: The Music Bed

jess + hamish | feature film | barossa valley

Jess + Hamish were married on the incredible Kingsford Homestead, just on the edge of the Barossa Valley in South Australia. It was an incredible setting. It was an incredible wedding.

Even from our first interaction we were struck by Jess’ genuine and caring nature, her warmth – and Hamish was the same – sentiments echoed by family and friends during the speeches and throughout the day.

Throughout the day there was talk of journeys and milestones – and those are sorts of stories we live to tell – all wrapped up in love and fairy lights.

We spoke and emailed at length with Jess in the lead up to the big day. To copy and paste from an early email: “Our numbers are at 183 for the wedding. Black tie. Quite formal but its a nice blend of country people travelling from Longreach (Western QLD), NSW, South Australia and the UK for the wedding. Quite a spread and lots of lovely people.”

Nailed it.

Cinematography: Humdrum Films
Photography: Simon Peter Taylor
Bridal Preparations, Ceremony and Reception: Kingsford Homestead
Entertainment: Rutherford Entertainment

Music Licensing: The Music Bed