chloe + james | extended short | red hill

There’s something really special about watching your friend get married. It’s difficult to articulate with words, but it’s something you can feel in the moment.

For us, this moment hit during the ceremony. It’s a moment when you’re fully present and have blocked out other distractions. And sure these things have always been there, but in this moment, you notice it more clearly.

You notice the love in their eyes. A glance. A smile. The laughter.

It’s special. And we were thrilled to capture it for our friends.

But that doesn’t mean we weren’t nervous. Chloe is Head Planner at The Style Co, and although we’ve been working with her for years – and are well accustomed to her famed 21 page run-sheets – this time it was different.

It was her own wedding. And we were feeling the pressure.

In reality, we needn’t have worried, Chloe + James were a fun loving and very relaxed couple, and their day was filled with jokes and good times. And donkey attacks.

The Style Co team worked their magic on a beautiful marquee in Main Ridge, and we all danced the night away together…cause after all, what are friends for?

Cinematography: Humdrum Films
Photographer: Erin + Tara
Event Design: The Style Co
Catering: Tommy Collins
Bridal Gown: Steven Khalil

Music Licensing: Music Bed

kate + haydn | extended short | melbourne

There’s something about Melbourne we love. And not just because it’s home.

After a heap of travel recently, it was great to be hanging out on the Sky Deck at Luminare, taking in the city lights.

Indeed, it was a beautiful setting for Kate + Haydn’s rooftop ceremony, where they were surrounded by family and friends as the sun set behind them.

A hearty stomp and mazel tov concluded the ceremony, followed by an impressive dip from Haydn!

We feel Jewish weddings are synonymous with a good time, and this was no exception. Once the cocktails started flowing it was a Party with a capital P!

Cinematography: Humdrum Films
Photography: Woodrow Wilson
Venue: Luminare

Music Licensing: Music Bed