You have questions, we have answers

Let’s get this out of the way early, what’s with the name?

If you’ve been doing your research, you may have noticed some of the self-indulgent names out there in the industry. We’re aware that Humdrum is pretty close to boring in the thesaurus. In choosing a name, we wanted something that was a little more understated, something unconventional. And so Humdrum Films was born.

We’re confident enough in our work and the product that we deliver, that we don’t need some grandiose name. It just wouldn’t suit us.

We make honest films, for real people.

How would you describe your style?

Organic. Honest. Observational. Cinematic.

These are all words we’d use to describe our style, but that doesn’t mean much. Have a look at some of our films and you should get an idea, or better yet, come and have a coffee with us, we’re way better at explaining things when we can use our hands.

You use the word handcrafted a lot – what does that actually mean?

It means we genuinely care about the product we deliver and we’re involved in each and every step. It’s about approaching every aspect of our your film with an artisan’s eye, in order to craft something unique to you.

Part of this desire to deliver a bespoke film means we only accept a limited number of commissions each year. By limiting the number of couples we work with, it allows us to focus on you and your story.

We are personally invested in each film that we create. We say it’s handcrafted because it is. You deal with us from the initial consultation right through to the delivery of our hand made packaging.

Being handcrafted is about taking a more considered approach to our film-making. It’s taking the time to construct your film. It’s about being proud, as artists, of the product we deliver.

Why do you place such importance on meeting us?

Because we place huge value on the relationships we build with people.

We want to get to know you as people, not clients. It helps us tell a better story. That’s why we think it’s really important to catch up and ask each other questions.

You’ll learn about us, we’ll learn about you, it’s all about building rapport. In our experience, that’s the most important element of a wedding day. It doesn’t matter if the weather isn’t great, or if you don’t have breathtaking backdrops, if you’re getting along with your cinematographer and photographer, you’re practically guaranteed great shots.

Is there always two of you?

Yep. We’re a package deal.

Before we started Humdrum, we both shot weddings solo for over 5 years – it can be done. But we KNOW we deliver a better product when there are two of us.

By having two cinematographers, it allows us to be in multiple places at once, capturing moments that you yourself may not be able to witness. We still remain completely unobtrusive while adding another layer to your story. Trust us on this one.

Why do you use licensed music?

We use licensed music for two reasons. First, it’s about paying dues to our fellow artists and recognising that as muscians they spend the same amount of time (love, sweat and tears) crafting their music as we do our wedding films. We feel it’s just the right thing to do. Second, it’s totally awesome not being sued by record labels.

Licensed music doesn’t doesn’t mean it’s going to sound dated and cheesy – not at all! All of our films use licensed music and we spend a considerable amount time searching for the right soundtrack to complement the story we are telling. Most couples are happy to trust our judgement on this, though for those that do want to be involved, we are more than happy for them to take part in the search.

Whats the difference between a cinematographer and a videographer?

Videographers kick puppies.

Seriously though, it’s just a name, call us whatever you want. If you connect with the work, and with us, that’s all you need to worry about.

How do we book?

We’ve moved our booking system to the cloud. Pretty sweet right?

We’ll send you a link to your paperwork where you’ll fill in all the details and customise your package. Once that’s submitted and we’ve received your retainer – you’re stuck with us! Yay!

Do you travel for weddings?


Based in Melbourne. Passports valid.

Do you have preferences with the photographers you work with?


We play nice with everyone of course, but we’re happy to recommend some great photographers. The reason we recommend them is because their style and approach aligns with ours. Makes for a much more enjoyable day for everyone involved.

You can check them out (along with some other awesome suppliers) on the ‘Friends of Humdrum’ page.

Do you use any special effects?

If you mean something like this. Not yet, we’re just waiting for the right couple.

Do you guys shoot any commercial stuff?

Yeah, but it’s pretty STANDARD.