adriana + dave | feature film | san francisco

We’re not sure if our couples realise, but they give us much more than we give them.

They let us into their lives, share their laughter, their love, their story. It’s an immense privilege for us to do what we do, to experience all that we do. To feel, all that we do.

Adriana + Dave are incredible people. So open and warm, so full of love and life.

When we met them, there was an immediate connection, a sense of ease.

Their love of life and each other was palpable and infectious, and it made hanging out with them even more memorable. We struggle to articulate it with words, but you could just feel it. The energy. It was electric. It was inspiring.

There were many highlights of course, Adriana + Dave’s incredible families, the amazing first look atop the Fairmont Hotel, the beautiful reception at Legion of Honour. The cherry on top for us though? Stopping for Ice Cream at Sweeney’s and snapping a selfie. Adri even sent us a print of the moment which now proudly hangs above our desks.

After sharing lunch with them one day, they showed us around their new apartment and we chatted to them about their story, about themselves, about each other. We chose to use this conversation as the foundation for their film.

From there, we told the story of them and their day, as we saw it. We hope you like it.

If you make it to 4:15, you’ll be rewarded with something pretty special ;)

‘There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.’ – William Butler Yeats

Cinematography: Humdrum Films
Photography: Samm Blake
Preparations and First Look: Fairmont San Francisco
Venue: Legion of Honor

Music Licensing: Music Bed